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PT Morindo International in Indonesia

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Contributing to Healthy Life in the World
by Providing Indonesia Origin Noni Products
by PT Morindo International in Indonesia


Company Profile

PT Morindo International (PTMI) is the first company producing noni juice in Indonesia.
The company was formally established in Indonesia in June 2, 2000, and focuses on its business in production and marketing of Noni based products.

Noni,  or Mengkudu, Pace, Tibah, Kangkung, Nony etc. is originated from Indonesia.
Almost every individual houses plant Noni tree at their house garden and they have been utilizing the fruit for their health medication for thousands years, as traditional medicine. 

The main factory was located in the Industrial Estate of Jababeka, about 35 km from Jakarta.
In September of 2017, to avoid heavy traffic and congested circumstances,  the factory transferred to more strategic location near the sea and air ports at Tangerang, Banten Province.
The factory and supporting plantation of PTMI have a capacity to produce around 20.000 kg of pure Noni juice per month as the raw material for functional drink, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Our Noni Juice has been exported especially to Japan and  Korean market since the year of 2000.
It is certified with HACCP and Organic JAS, EU, USDA/NOP and Halal as well as supported by intensive scientific research to meet a  high quality of products.


Noni Products

PTMI has been producing various types of Noni products including;

1 Noni Juice
  There are two types of Noni Juice; Premium Grade fresh and Economical Grade maturated juice
2 Noni Puree
3 Noni fruit powder
4 Noni dried leaves
5 Glass-bottled 100% Pure PP grade noni juice as OEM product
6 Glass-bottled mixed fruits juice as OEM product
7 Concentrated noni juice
8 Noni root as dye

Almost all of these products have been manufactured under HACCP system and certified by Organic certifications.
In addition to the above mentioned products, PTMI has been developing unique products considering to special characteristics of Noni.

Noni Fruit

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) known as most popular names, Mengkudu and Pace in Java, Indonesia,  has long been known as a fruit with powerful healing effect  for various diseases.  Noni is reported by RidleyThe  that the origin is in Maluku islands, Melanesia of Indonesia.
Due to helpful nutritional and medicinal characteristics, Noni was widely spread to islands and regions of Polynesia, Micronesia, India, Africa and Okinawa in Japan together with boat voyaging immigrants.
Since long time ago, the Noni fruits have been  used to be an  important natural food supplement for various traditional medicines, called Jamu in Indonesia.


Recently,  Indonesian traditional medicines, Jamu have been re-recognized because of consciousness of importance of natural remedies and highly adverse actions of synthetic chemical drugs. 
Noni fruit is one of re-merged natural tropical medicinal fruits with background of thousands years usage and experiences in Indonesia, revealing diseases-improving potentials and no adverse actions. 

PTMI is highly proud of the first established company to deliver Indonesia indigenous noni juice and significant contribution to health concerning people not only in Indonesia but also in Japan and Asian countries.

Noni Juice

The noni fruits are collected from Organic plantations which are free from pesticide nor chemical fertilizer and located in remote area far away from pollution.

Our pure noni juice products are 100% of noni extract (Morinda citrifolia) obtained from highly selected, fully ripened yellowish noni fruits, processed by using modern machinery imported from Germany and high-performance hydraulic pressing machines.
We have never used unripe green fruits and even one drop of water and any additives are used, 100% PURE.

The product is processed in highly hygienic method of food standard processing according to HAACP and Organic JAS, EU and USDA/NOP systems.

Other Noni Products

Noni puree, Noni fruit powder and dried Noni Leaves were born to adopt the requests on International demands.
Naturally, they are high quality Noni fruits and fresh leaves from Organic plantation.
They are utilized to make different types of food supplements, especially in Japan.

Finished Noni Beverage 

Due to sensitivity, characteristics and nutrition or active ingredients of Noni fruits, PTMI has been supplying bottled Noni juice beverages in an OEM way.
The finished Noni juice made in Indonesia keeps its own unique original taste, flavor, texture and so on.
Health-concerning consumers can enjoy real gift and benefits from original Indonesian Noni fruits. 

HALAL certified Noni juice can be taken by Indonesians living in the other countries.

HALAL MK NoniOrganic Noni


Noni plantation and factory have been HACCP, Organic JAS, EU and USDA/NOP certified.
Dr. Toshiaki Nishigaki from M&K Laboratories Inc., Japan has been co-working with PTMI since 2000 to establish and improve the quality of Noni products.

Further, M&K Laboratories Inc. has exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with reputable and historical Institution, Center for Agro-Based Industry (CABI), under Ministry of Indistry, Indonesia, in a field of Research and Development of Indonesia Indigenous  Herbal Pants. 
The results derived from MOU are reflected to quality of Noni products of PTMI.


Noni Plantation

We have long partnership with farmers located in remote and pollution free areas in Banten Province, West Java.
The plantation has been managed and certified with Organic JAS, EU and USDA/NOP  by International accreditation body of Control Union Certificate (CUC) based in Netherlands.
The plantation is enough to support the production capacity of around 20 ton and more of Noni juice and the other products per month.

PTMI will expand its Organic plantation areas as to meet domestic and international demands and to challenge new markets where Indonesian Noni products are highly expected.


The factory was changed to strategic location near International Air port and Sea Port, in Tangerang, Banten Province.
New factory is easily accessible from the airport and is near to Sea Port to export Noni products, and no traffic jam is met.

Total building area is around 500 m2 with capacity of more than 30 tons of Noni juice production.
Based on our last knowledge or experience and further capability, the factory is designed and installed with high-performance equipment to meet international standards.
 New scientific approaches to accelerate innovation will be planned by man-power development schemes. 

In addition, more strong co-working with CABI, M&K Laboratories Inc. and Indonesian institutions will be done.


M&K Laboratories Inc, Japan

Dr. Nishigaki is the first researcher of Noni to disclose the secrets of Noni which has been used in Indonesia for thousands years. 
M&K Laboratories Inc made MOU with CABI and has been co-researching with Universities of Nagasaki, Shinshu, Kuyshu Health and Welfare, Mukogawa Women’s, Nagasaki International etc. in Japan, and in Indonesia LIPI, and Universities of Indonesia, Indonesia Agriculture (IPB) and BINUS.

Now, M&K Laboratories Inc. is the agent/contact office to supply Indonesian Organic Noni juice and other products into International markets for PTMI.

Dr.Nishigaki in Papua with Wakil

M&K Laboratories
Contact: Toshiaki Nishigaki, Pharmacist, Ph. D.
Main Office: 1286-18, Yamato, Azusagawa, Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-1701 JAPAN
Business Office : 4-7-11 Ishishiba, Matsumoto, Nagano, 399-0007 JAPAN
Tel:  +81-253-26-7588, Fax: +81-263-26-7518, Mobile: +81-90-2723-8626
Face Book:

PT Morindo International

Basuki Winoto

President: Basuki Winoto

Adviser: Priyo Waspodo, MSci.
Consultant: Ingrid Waspodo, Ph. D.

Handi Rakito
Organic Manager of Plantation and Processing: Handi Rakito
He was trained in Organic Managing Course in Japan and accredited as Organic Managers.

Main office/factory: 
         Jl. Gatot Subroto No.89 (Km. 6.2) Kel. Keroncong,
         Kec. Jatiuwung, Kota Tangerang 15134, 
        Banten, Indonesia
Tel: +62-21- 5566-6987




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