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The 1st Buah Merah Meeting in Tokyo

05/21/2011 16:35

Buah Merah Researchers gathered in Tokyo in May 17, 2011

The 1st Buah Merah Science and Business Meeting was held at Micron’s Tokyo Head Office in Tokyo on May 17, 2011.
The sponsor is Micron Co., Ltd. that is a pionner Clinical Reseach Organization with PET imaging to research and develop new medicines as anti-cancer drugs, Alzheimer disease and so on.
Co-sponsor is NGO Research Association of Tropical medicinal Plants.

Objectives of this meeeting is to share past and current research results on Buah Merah and its main active ingredient, beta-Cryptoxanthin, and to discuss on further studies and introduction/promotion of this novel micronutrient to people concerning health.
Participants are Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Denmark.

 1. Mr. Satoh, president of Micron, addressed advanced PET imaging technology that promises enhancement of R/D of new medicines for cancers, Alzheimer disease and so on.
      This technology can be applied in preclinical studies (animal models) and Micron is eager to assess anti-cancer efficacy of Buah Merah in animal experiments.

2 Dr. Nishigaki, vice chairman of NGO Research Association  of Tropical Mredicinal Plants and consultant of M&K Laboratories, presented the profiles of Buah Merah and beta-Cryptoxanthin. He emphasized safety and usefulness  of Buah Merah for lung cancer, colonal cancer, prostate cancer, joint pain, liver dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, virus infection-associated diseases, post-menopausal oesteoporosis etc. In addition, Buah Merah might be associated with quenching ROS/RNS resulting in cancer prevention.

3 Nagasaki University group demonstrated their established analytical method with HPLC for 4 types of carotenoids. This is the first inovation for analysis of individual carotenoid. This techonology is applied to other xanthophil analyses. Their technology and knowledges have been transferred to Indonesian Givernment Institution; CABI in Bogor.

4 Mukogawa Women’s University group disclosed inhibitory action of melanin production. They suggest that Buah Merah will be applied in cosmetic field.  

5 Dr. Ingrid from University of Indonesia explained the capability and projects of Indonesian National Cancer Center that is very eager to cooperate in clinical resaech of Buah Merah in Indonesian patients.

6 Dr. Hirose, director of Micron and associating researcher in Saitama Medical University reported that Buah Merah oral administration significantly inhibited the proliferation of lung cancer and stomach cancer in animal models bearing human cancer cells. These results are so surprizing that Buah Merah can be a chemo-preventive or -curative natural agent.   

7 Prof. Dr. Larsen, dermatology of Norway University of Science and Technology presented increasing number of patients with melanoma in Scandinavian countries. It is most issure in those countries. He mentioned that Buah Merah might be effective in melanoma or simple mole or acne. He will cowork with Cancer Association of Denmark to examine efficacies agains these skin deseases.

8 Dr. Jorgensen, Director of Pacific Links addressed his strategy on maket promotion of Buah Merah in the world.

9 Mr. Kuwabara, director of Zen-Chemical also disclosed their ideas on introduction and promotion of Buah Merah in Japan as well as their related forein countries.

The conclusion of this Buah Merah Meeting was given to all the partcipants that Buah Merah is a promising functional food to prevent and/or cure various diseases, especially lung cancer from cigarette smoking.
Buah Merah must be recognized by persons concerning health and by patients with age-related disease.
Next meeting is expected to be held out of Japan, preferablly in Indonesia.

PS: to Those who are suffering from cancers of lung, colon. stomach, prostate etc. and joint pains, DM, liver disfunction, viral diseases such as hepatitis B/C, HIV/AIDS,  or current smokers.

Please contact Dr. Nishigaki (tropical@po.mcci.or.jp). 
Buah Merah 300 or 500 soft capsules can be sent from Japan to any country at most reasonable price/cost.

Buah Merah 300, vitamin E + folic acid enforced
Functional food
90 capsules, 3 capsules daily recommended


Buah Merah 500, Vitamin E
Functional food
120 capsules, 2~4 capsules daily recommended

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