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Renewal of Organic Certificates: PT Morindo Indonesia

01/23/2018 12:23

Announcement, Jan. 23, 2018

PT Morindo International (PTMI) is a leading and most reputable company in Noni Industry.
PTMI successfully transferred to a new location in Tangerang, Banten Province.
The new factory is nearer to Organic Noni Plantation, International Air and Sea Ports and even to Metropolitan Jakarta, than the previous place.

Due to the new factory, Organic inspection was carried out in December, 2017.
We are pleased to inform that the new factory has been certified as company conformed in Organic JAS, Organic EU and Organic USDA/NOP.


PTMI can supply Organic certified noni products in continue, including in the followings;

1. Noni PP juice
2. Noni EP juice
3. Concentrated Noni juice
4. Noni puree
5. Noni fruit powder
6. Dried Noni leaves
7. Noni bottled juice, 100%

Organic Certificates of JAS, EU and USDA are shown in below file.


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