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Quick Get Buah Merah 500VE in Japan

05/11/2016 17:01

Quick Get of Buah Merah 500VE For Foreigners Staying in Japan

                   All who are staying in Japan and/or visiting Japan call or e-mail for QUICK GET.

Buah Merah 500VE is only one product available in Japan.
Those who are concerning in health and suffering from serious conditions
can apply to ingest micronutrients, Beta-Cryptoxanthin from Novel Fruits, Buah Merah from Papua.

Buah Merah 500VEBeauty/Juvenile from Within 

Nutritional Functional Supplement, enforced with Vitamin E
by Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare, Japan
for Fanatic Smokers, Post Menopausal Osteoporosis, Hair growth, Pimples, Nutrition for Babies from Breast Milk, etc.


500mg SBM/capsule, 120 soft capsules
Healthy life by 2~4 capsules a day
100% intake of daily necessary quantity of Vitamin E

Nutrition (per 100g)
Energy 722 kcal
Protein 24.1 g
67.2 g
Carbohydrate 3.8 g
Sodium 16.2 mg
Vitamin E 406 mg


β-Cryptoxantin:90~180 μg/2~4 capsules
Vitamin E: 5~10mg/2~4 capsules
Trans-fatty acid:0
How to Quickly Get Buah Merah 500VE

1 Please e-mail   
    to buahmerah@po.mcci.or.jp or  buahmerah.48.nishi.48.noni.48@docomo.ne.jp 
2 Or, you directly call to me, 090-2723-8626 (Dr. Nishigaki) 
3 The following information is required.
   * Name
   * Address
   * Tel. No.
   * Quantity
   * Date and approximate time you want to receive
4 Buah Merah 500VE is delivered by Door to Door Service, Sagawa Express following
   day after your order.
5 Directly pay for product and DtoD service fee to the Sagawa Express DtoD service
   delivery person.
Price List
Buah Merah 500VE (Japanese Yen, Tax Free)
DtoD Service Fee  Total
1 8,000 600 8,600
3 21,000 700 21,700
5 30,000 800 30,800
10 55,000 1,000 56,000
*Price of the product will be changed dependent on foreign exchange rate b/w USD and Japanese Yen
Have a nice stay in Japan


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