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M&K Laboratories Inc. since 2000

07/24/2011 18:21

Company Outline

Company Name: M&K Laboratories Inc.
President           : Keiko NISHIGAKI
Head Office       : 1286-18, Yamato, Azusagawa, Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-1701 JAPAN
Business Office : 4-7-11 Ishishiba, Matsumoto, Nagano, 399-0007 JAPAN
                                  Tel: +81-253-26-7588,
                                  Fax: +81-263-26-7518
                                  URL: http://www.thisismk.co.jp
                                  E-mail: mk-info@thisismk.co.jp

Indonesia Office: Jl. Kelapa Hibrida iX RA 24/1 Jakarta 14250, INDONESIA
                                     Tel: +62-271-825250, Fax: +62-271-825488
Founded Date   : January 12, 2000
Paid Capital      : Yen 10,000,000-
Business Contents :
                                  1) Import/Supply of Tropical Medicinal Plants
                                  2) Research & Development of Tropical Medicinal Plants
                                  3) Co-work for Produce Production
                                  4) Export of Functional Food Products
                                  5) Consultation for R/D of Functional food Products and so on
Business Partner:
                                   PT Morindo International, Indonesia
                                   CV Sumber Mas International, Indonesia
                                   PT ANA Med, Indonesia
                                   Institute of Science (LIPI), Jogjakarta, Indonesia
                                   PT Haraka Kitri Endah, Indonesia
                                   PT Papua Herbal Sejahtera, Indonesia
                                   PT Tri Raharjdja, Indonesia
                                   PT Trans Buana, Indonesia
                                   Well Looking Co., Ltd., Korea
                                   Parker Biotech Private Limited, India
                                   Lynx-Nia Medica, Inc., Philippines
R/D Partner       : 
                                   Nagasaki University, Japan
                                   Shinshu University, Japan
                                   Mukogawa Women’s University, Japan
                                   Center for Agro-Based Industry, Ministry of Industry, Indonesia
                                   University of Indonesia, Indonesia
                                   Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
                                   Papua Government, Indonesia
                                   Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Product Line      : 
                                Noni (Morinda citrifolia, Mengkudu, Pace, Tibah etc. in Indonesia)
                                     Fresh squeezed juice); Organic JAS, EU and USDA/NOP
                                     Maturated juice) ; Organic JAS, EU and USDA/NOP
                                     Dried leaves/Tea
                                     Noni fiber
                                     Freeze-dried powder/Capsules
                                Buah Merah (Pandanus conoideus, Tawi in Papua)
                                     Extract oil
                                     Capsule products
                               Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO, Cocos nucifera)
                               Curcuma materials
                               Zingiber materials
                               Neem (Azadirachta indica)


M&K was established in the last year of 20th century, in order to co-work for bilateral international cooperation through ODA scheme of Japanese Government.
From this activity on ODA, the founder of M&K, Dr. T. M. Nishigaki found very useful tropical medicinal fruit in Indonesia. That is Noni.
M&K started R/D of Noni juice and first introduced it to Japanese market, and has been disclosing mysterious physiological effficacies of Noni juice.

Our mission is to find out and develop nobel functional or alternative medicinal foods derived from tropical regions and to privide effective and safe unique products to those who are cencerning self-medication. 

We believe there are many effective natural medicinal products remained unexamined in tropical regions and that they can contribute to health-benefits and beneficiary of people who cultivate and supply their raw materials.
We also wish to cooperate with any party in a field of R/D of new medicinal and functional products. 

Please join us and green-back to the nature together.

Sincerely yours.

Keiko NISHIGAKI, President of M&K Laboratories Inc.

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