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International Society for Nutraceutical and Functional Food 2010 in Bali (2)

10/06/2010 18:46

Safety and anti-tumor effects of Pandanus conoideus (Buah Merah)
in animals
Toshiaki NISHIGAKI 1, Fitriya DEWI 2, Kunitaka HIROSE 3, Hidekazu SHIGEMATSU 1

1 Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University
2 PT. Bimana Indomedical, Indonesia
3 Effector Cell Institute, Japan

Buah Merah extracted oil rich in beta-cryptocxanthin originated from Papua island, Indonesia revealed non-oral toxicity in rats. Its inhibitory actions against Sarcoma-180, Lewis lung cancer and human non-small lung cancer, A549 bearing mice models were demonstrated. Buah Merah is safe and potential chemo-preventive functional food against the lung cancer.

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