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ノニとはのページへ インドネシア原産ノニは「医者いらずの」の母なる果実。M&Kの日本導入により確実に健康食品の地位を確立した、今世紀最初の優れた健康機能食品です。 ノニとは

ノニ石鹸の詳細ページへ ノニ搾汁の効果を枠練り透明石鹸に応用した本格的なノニ石鹸。 ノニ石鹸の詳細

ブアメラのページへ パプア原住民6万年の秘密の栄養機能食品。世界注目の微量栄養素β-クリプトキサンチン高含有。肺がんなどの予防、骨粗鬆症予防や美容に。 ブアメラ

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Antitumor Effects of Pandanus conoideus in in vitro and in vivo Studies

01/18/2014 11:35

Toshiaki NISHIGAKI1,2, Kunitaka HIROSE3  and Hidekazu SHIGEMATSU1,2

1 Department of Histopathology, School of Medicine, Shinshu University  (3-3-1 Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621 Japan)
2 Research Association of Tropical Medicinal Plants (1286-18 Yamato, Azusagawa, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-1701 Japan)
3 Effector Cell Institute (4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0042 Japan)


Pandanus conoideus (Buah Merah) is exclusively grown in Papua island and its neighbor areas and the inhabitants have been utilizing its extract oil (SBM) as functional food for tens thousands years.
We have first found relatively higher quantity of carotenoids which consists of alpha- and beta-carotene as well as alpha- and beta-cryptoxanthin in SBM. beta-cryptoxanthin is a novel micronutrient to associate with reduced risk of some types of cancers.
However, antitumor effect of SBM has not been well examined.
We evaluated antitumor potentials of SBM in the in vitro and in vivo studies.
In the in vitro study, human non-small lung cancer cells, A549 were inhibited on cell proliferation at more than 500 μg/mL of SBM in MTT assay.
The in vivo antitumor activity of SBM was evaluated using mouse Sarcoma180, mouse Lewis lung cancer (LLC) and A549 models.
In any animal model assays, SBM demonstrated significant antitumor effects in either tumor volumes or tumor weights.
From the experiment using nude mice in A549 assay, antitumor effect of SBM may not be associated with immunological involvement.
We conclude that Buah Merah has higher potentials in prevention of cancers, especially lung cancer.


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