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ノニとはのページへ インドネシア原産ノニは「医者いらずの」の母なる果実。M&Kの日本導入により確実に健康食品の地位を確立した、今世紀最初の優れた健康機能食品です。 ノニとは

ノニ石鹸の詳細ページへ ノニ搾汁の効果を枠練り透明石鹸に応用した本格的なノニ石鹸。 ノニ石鹸の詳細

ブアメラのページへ パプア原住民6万年の秘密の栄養機能食品。世界注目の微量栄養素β-クリプトキサンチン高含有。肺がんなどの予防、骨粗鬆症予防や美容に。 ブアメラ

EVCO(イヴコ)のページへ 天然栄養素中鎖脂肪酸64%のココナッツオイル。エクストラ・ヴァージンだからトランス脂肪酸ゼロ。これからの食べる健康オイルです。 EVCO(イヴコ)


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Three-Weeks trip to Indonesia

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Organic Noni Plantation

Last May 17 to June 4, 2010 I visited Indonesia with three main objectives.

No. 1 objective was to expand Organic JAS certifying noni plantation, therefore we examined propable plantation sites incliusive of  Serang, Sukabumi and Subang.
In fact, all the noni plantations are maintained in an organic faming way, but we need huge areas from reason of maintenance and control.
We found many noni plantations were abondaned by cutting trees, because of no more BOOMING.
At least additional 30 ha will be certified as Organic JAS faiming of Noni fruit.

Organic JAS logoEU_Organic_Logo_Colour_OuterLine_rgb4colorsealJPG

No.2 was to make sure of stable production and supply of Buah Merah extract oil.
My partners and I visited Jayapura, Papua Province and discussed with producer/supplier in Papua for sustainable production.
If we support them in technically or financially, there is high possibility to be produced, we agreed in this way.

No.3 was to make a plan to co-work with Indonesian instituies/university on R/D of Indonesian tropical herbal plants, including
Noni (mengkudu), Buah Merah, EVCO, Kumis kuching, Jahe merah etc.
I had positive responses from them.
Waht I have to initiate is to propose concrete study designs.

During the period, I could meet additional interesting Indonesian people who are mates of Facebook.
Our network with current and new contacts is being expanded.

M&K Laboratories Inc. will promote Noni juice and Buah Merah, and cooperate with Indonesian partners in quality control of the Products in continue.






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